so i just met a crazy deadline (that i set for myself, even the client didn't care if i kept it, really) for a freelance job. now that i am back to my lazy, pseudo-unemployed ways, here is a list of what's new.
  1. i love having old, big, shady trees covering a lot of the house and our mini backyard. i do not, however, love the berries and leaves they shed all.the.time. the bear also recently spotted a rabid squirrel up there. no, it wasn't foaming at the mouth, but i'm pretty sure most squirrels have rabies. thus, our tree's squirrel has rabies. i'm sure there are many other unsavory critters up in thurr. it's a really really big tree. and there are TWO of them. like really really big the likes of which you never really see around socal because we're always ripping shit up for new stuff, the stuff we still do have around isn't that old, and/or because this is really a desert.
  2. i'm thinking about making bread from scratch before school starts thanks to wan's bread-baking madness lately. i do have that lovely stainless steel worktop that would be lovely to knead on...
  3. i started reading the time traveler's wife. i'm liking it so far. i don't like that the huge hardcover doesn't fit in my huge purse.
  4. at my pseudo-, very part-time job we are doing inventory. counting BIG sheets of paper that i'm not supposed to bend or put fingerprints on after i've just counted super dusty items is not fun. at all. but it's still a pretty dang easy job. and it makes me money.
  5. sorry to shock everyone with my fb status update yesterday. i am NOT pregnant. i have, however, gained 10 pounds in four months. never mind i lost almost 10 in four months last fall. i'm still fatter than i was then as i gained some weight moderately between the great loss and the great gain. and i don't know why i typed out "four" and wrote the numbers for "10." it's really bugging me now, but i'm too lazy to go back to change "10" to "ten." but not too lazy to ramble on about it, apparently. so anyway, i have a visible food baby. not a human baby.
  6. after a few nights of sleeping less than eight hours, i am dying. i don't know how i'm going to deal when school starts again. i really don't. i'm getting old. i need my sleep.
  7. i "bought" a book for the bear today at borders for $0. good thing, as i'm not sure it'll ever get read.
  8. the bear has taken up surfing. this fatty potato has taken up watching more tv than she has watched in the past 10 years of her life in one summer.
  9. i also bought in defense of food for myself for 40% off. my library doesn't have it. i know, i know. wth? anyway, i love the smell of new books.
  10. i'm in trouble because once i start reading, i can't stop. and i was going to try to get back to my suzy homemaker ways now that my crazy deadline is over (i was cooking almost every weeknight, doing laundry once a week, changing out ALL linens AND washing them once a week, keeping the house relatively clean, and even baking on the side...who AM i?). plus i do have follow-up work and more work left to do on the freelance project, albeit at a slower pace.
  11. this is the most boring list. ever. i just made myself super sleepy. i'm going to bed.
sorry for this post, all.


  1. suzy homemaker? or lazy susan? muahaha oh the corniness...

  2. I am impressed by your television watching, seeing as how it's slim pickins this summer.

  3. See, I LOVED Time Traveler's Wife. When you finish it wanna go see it together?

  4. I love reading, but once I start I can’t stop, and sometimes it keeps me from doing more important stuff. If only I had more time…

    I don’t know about squirrel rabies, but my cousin got bit by a raccoon once and she had to get a series of rabies shots. I heard that the shots were more painful than the raccoon bite.

  5. When you make that bread, please feel free to give me a call for tasting. Food baby = happiness. It's not a bad thing, says the enabler friend.

  6. 1) It's not such a bad list.

    2) You might have written out "four" and put "10" because that is how it's done in the Chicago Manual of Style. What kind of nerd knows this off the top of her head?

    3) I liked The Time Traveler's Wife and have heard good things about In Defense of Food.

  7. enjoy the food belly and loafing around. you know when school starts you'll be on a crazy schedule again. :/

  8. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy at least some of your summer break. :)

  9. I really didn't care for TTW, but I've heard In Defense of Food is pretty good. GL on the bread making. If you do sourdough, I'll be around to catch the crumbs, I love that stuff.

  10. I love how when I saw you recently, I thought you looked really skinny, and that was really you + 10 pounds with a food baby. FML.


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