random is one of my [many] middle names

i lied. no portraits yet. i have random stuff from today to post. and i did sort of do the next to the last assignment on my own, so i'll post some of those as they're not bad.

ok, so randomness for today...

1. i wish i had thought of this:


2. i borrowed a co-worker's magazine at the school job today. it's actually really interesting--famous, creative people interviewing other famous, creative people. or sometimes journalists interviewing the famous, creative people.

random quotes i noted from the june/july 2009 issue of interview. sorry, no MLA- or APA-style citations as i didn't note volume number, page numbers, and all that jazz. some of them are bordering on cliché, but they were still inspiring to me today. too bad i'm still sitting on my butt surfting the internets this fine summer evening.

ann demeulemeester on starting her first line:
It's never been easy...I just thought, If I want to do something, let's do it. I had a lot of patience and went step-by-step...

...I believe that if you have something to say, then you just have to do it. Good work finds its way in whatever time you're in. If you want to start, then start, and don't find a million excuses not to. It's always a difficult time. When was it easy?
she and her interviewer, her musician-model muse dude jamie del moon, also spoke of the le corbusier house in antwerp that a seller pretty much gave to her and her husband when they were broke because of a dream. wtf? where's my free Modern masterpiece house?

after reading an interview of the screenwriters and watching the trailer, i want to see away we go. jim krasinski! plus the story sounds so sweet, and the background behind why and how the screenwriters wrote it (a married couple, while she was pregnant and they were locked in) is pretty sweet, too.

vendela vida, one of the writers:
With plays, they start at the last possible moment, and that's what I love about them. You just start with someone who walks into the room--something happens.
this is how i want my photos to look. like i caught someone or something at the last possible moment before it all changes or disappears.

stella mccartney:
I think it took me a little while to be true to myself as a designer, and in some ways I'm trying to do that. I have to choose things that come naturally to me. Whenever I challenge something too much or try too hard, it never quite works out.
so reassuring to "hear" someone this successful talk about what i'm struggling with and trying to discover at this life stage...and probably for the rest of my life.

another movie:
i want to see herb & dorothy. it's a megumi sasaki documentary on a postal clerk and librarian who collected art in their small 1-bedroom apartment. in 1992, when the works had appreciated to millions of dollars' worth, they donated it all to the national gallery of art in DC. "you don't have to be a rockefeller to collect art." nope, you just need to live modestly otherwise, not have kids, and have be greedy/have a passion for it.

it's playing at the landmark nuart this weekend. too bad my weekend is full. :(

that is all.


  1. That scanner must be so crumb-y (not crummy...well, maybe after all the crumbs).

  2. that was my initial reaction, too. i am hoping he uses some kind of clear film on top of the actual glass to protect the scanner.

  3. Scanwich! Haha. I wanna see Away We Go too. I <3 Jim.

  4. Loved Away We Go. Love Dave Eggers. I recommend it.

  5. What Sarah said -- Away We Go was so good.

  6. Away We Go looks really good, and now after reading the other comments on here, I really want to see it!

  7. i am cracking up at the scanwiches. awesome.


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