today i...
...worked for 3 hours at one of the jobs.
...lunched with the panda. so good to see her again and catch up.
...received a pretty cocktail ring made of murano crystals/beads from murano from the panda and red. sparkly. pretty. i've been looking for one anyway and was dissatisfied with the ones within my budget (of the $3.80 variety at forever 21).
...drooled over everything at surfas while getting a quote on a stainless steel work table for the new kitchen. it looks like the chinese-owned place in monterey park will be the cheapest. not surprised.
...dropped off 4 bags of stuff at a thrift store. and this stuff was from BEFORE we started packing.
...shopped target with the bear for moving-related stuff.
...ate chronic tacos. they were ok. not bad at all, but not the best we've ever had.
...got bob marley stuck in my head thanks to chronic tacos and the singing bear who had it stuck in his head from our visit.
...packed. filled the majority of the boxes we already have. the majority of our stuff is not in said boxes yet. i don't understand how two purgers like us have accumulated so much. joy. NOT.
...ripped more of my CDs (an ongoing project...my music collection is a BIG mess).
...could not continue reading catch22. i've been slowly slowing down, and now i'm stuck about 3/4 of the way through. bleh to war novels, no matter how good or classic. they're just not my genre.
...forgot to do my photography class homework.

i know, i know, i've been blabbing about too much nothing this entry and last thanks to the impending move. here are some of my photos from last week's photo class shoots. i missed the point of the "high-ISO for VERY low light conditions"exercise almost entirely. oh well. if you click the photos, you'll see the grainy-ness/noise in the high ISO pics and the blurriness in the low ISO pics thanks to the slow shutter speed/my shaky hands/my lack of a tripod.

ISO 100

ISO 3200

ISO 100

ISO 3200

random photos i took for fun while shooting around for last week's assignment:

yeah, i like inanimate things that have no or only neutral colors, apparently.


  1. Yay! I enjoy taking pictures of boring inanimate objects, too. I hardly (if ever) use ISO100 because of my shaky hands. Beyond ISO 400 everything gets super grainy, but I reason that it's better than not getting a picture at all.

  2. surfas is sooo my playground! love it there. :) i've heard so much about chronic tacos lately, but good to know i'm not missing THE taco of all tacos. lol xoxo

  3. I'm a big fan of inanimate objects as well.

  4. I have barbed wire pics this week!

  5. i always think the pictures of inanimate objects, especially the most random ones, make for the best shots.

    well, if they're taken by someone other than myself, anyway.

  6. I always like your photographs. Inanimate objects are cool yo.

    I've only been to Surfas once and walked out with way more stuff than I had intended to purchase. :/


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