sliding house, dRMM

just saw this on wallpaper*. awesomeness. it reminds me of a house that another, local firm designed. the whole thing slid back and forth on its lot, but a certain local city's fire marshall would not approve the plans because they said that in case of emergency, the fire department might not be able to find the house. so it was never built.

i might start posting my archiporn here as i'm not so good about recording URLs when i print them out. for those not interested, please disregard...it's for me anyway. or maybe i'll post on yet another blogspace.


  1. Keep posting 'em here. I love your archiporn.

  2. Hee, for some reasons I was imagining a Harry Potter wizard type house :)

  3. sliding house?!? how bizarre, yet totally cool-sounding.

  4. Learn something new every day I tell ya.


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