worst coochie, best wiener*

there's a new kid in town, and he's unfortunate enough to be named wurstkuche. fortunately for him, he's slick, he's got a great sense of style, he's always got your favorite belgian or german beer on top at home, and well, um, he's got a dang good wiener. actually, he's got quite a few.

don't ask weemo or me how to pronounce it correctly. we totally forgot to ask on our way out. we'll stick to "worst choochie" for now.

the monkey is so awesome! look! she actually brought me watches as promised. and inside her coat, no less. she wisely forewent the long coat as i warned her about the uncomfy (but good-looking) counter seating.

i'm going to skimp on the description as weemo is a much better food critic than i. her photos will most definitely be better and less blurry, too. told ya so.

we both opted for gingery drinks.
mine tasted very...medicinal.
next time, i'll stick to reed's o.g. ginger brew.
or the apple one that weemo got
and that i LOVE to drink during fall.

yum. mustard.
cucumber water in chrome thing.
dark, long, sexy hallway to who-knows-where.

duck, bacon, + jalapeno.
rattlesnake + rabbit.
both topped with grilled onions + spicy peppers.
GROOT fries with two dipping sauces.
curry ketchup [just OK. throw some curry powder in ketchup, and POOF!]
bleu cheese walnut bacon [YUM! but not dippable. it breaks your fries. :(]

wait, that wasn't groot.
that was klein.
this is groot.

we split half and half, of course.

look! something to cross off our omnivore lists.


thank you, weemo, for a fun[ny] dinner and the watches!

to backtrack a bit, i "worked" a full day today on an exhibit to be installed later this month. freckles and i became friends with the CNC router.

freckles multitasks

mah sawdusty bell-ay!
you don't even wanna know where else i got sawdust. eh.

what i look like a lot of the time at school.

i then had a little extra time before i had to meet weemo at wurstkuche [giggle], so i hung at freckles' place and "read" her new book of stefan sagmeister's work. i thought this image from his having guts always works out for me was especially appropriate for what was to come.

*i cannot take all of the credit for this title. it was originally "worst coochie, best sausage." however, weemo helped refine it.


  1. OMG at the sawdust pics! I love them!

    I had a great time tonight. :)

  2. to find out how to pronounce it, i would call the restaurant and see what the guy says when they answer the phone. ;-) p.s. i am scurred to eat snake. i could go for duck + bacon, though!

  3. I love this post for so many reasons.

  4. sounds like a weiner of a good time :)

  5. I wonder what crazy, filthy weirdos will come across this blog post through a Google search. *Shudder*

    Which watch did you choose! You must model it!

  6. I'd move just to hang out and eat with you two.

    Worst coohie has a great wiener [dead]

    How do you think of this stuff?!?!


  7. Just read the watch post and weemos comment. Leave it to her to come through! Hilarious!

  8. Wurstkuche is pronounced: Verst Coo-cha (as in Sausage Kitchen)

  9. you look like a storm trooper ^^

  10. Absolutely [dead] at long, dark, sexy hallway.


  11. Giggling like a 10yo at the title.

    I'm scared to try rattlesnake if u two approve then it's a must on my list.

  12. even if i knew how to pronounce it correctly, "worst coochie" is far more fun.

  13. you look hawt in your gas mask thingy.

  14. This post has a smorgasboard of great things. I'll just say I lurved it all, esp. the chopped-up wienie words!

  15. I don't know why, but the pic with you in the goggles made me laugh. Love that!


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