studio miscellany

i need a break from this:
[ow. my eyes hurt.
yes, every single little blue "bird" is kind of individually drawn.]

so i bring you this:

1. coinage.

my studiomate, let's call her red, coined a new word while trying to explain to me that a few other of our studiomates had determined that she is definitely racist against asians.

raisian: (ray'-zhun) racist against asians. like brangelina. but better. way better.

2. the alarm clock.

there is this new girl for whom i don't yet have a nickname. i guess i can call her "new girl." anyway, she jacked the prime corner desk that i wanted. so i took the desk next to her. red wanted that desk, too, but she ended up with the desk on the other side of new girl.

yesterday, at around 7:30 PM, we were alarmed by a VERY. LOUD. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. from the direction of new girl's desk. she has an alarm clock at her desk. fine, a lot of us have some kind of clock besides our phone/computers. however, don't set the f-ing alarm! i went to shut it off. it's one of those that are impossible to turn off. i showed one of the guys, and he couldn't figure it out, either. so i hit snooze. then i hit the radio button on then off again. that seemed to do the trick. but the little alarm clock icon was still showing. oh, and it read "12:00 AM." so she plugged it in and never bothered to set the correct time or make sure the alarm was off. red and i were going to write her a note but forgot, of course.

just 20 minutes ago, it went off again. this time, red took care of it. she couldn't figure it out either, so she just unplugged it. good riddance.

3. muji tea!

banana (another studiomate and friend) brought me back some tea from japan, from the muji store. i love muji. i love tea. this tea does not disappoint. it's passion fruit and something else, but it's so wonderfully fragrant and yummy. it's making what might be an almost all-nighter much more pleasant. if you live near a muji that carries tea, get some today. some for you, some for me, please. ;)

back to rhino + the birds. and stick models. and other fun stuff. oh, and my tea.


  1. [whispering] I don't get what the drawing is supposed to be . . .

    I didn't know muji has tea! How fun.

  2. Completely unrelated to this post, but I was really bummed that I didn't get to meet you at the gtg yesterday. Darn school assignments!

  3. I think you need a break. You should come eat a delicious dineLA prix fixe meal with me. I'll even buy if you can make it, so choose a cheaper restaurant. Har har har.

  4. Ummm where was new girl when all this alarming was going off? If you're going to set an alarm, at least have the courtesy to be there to turn it off! If it were me, I would have moved all her stuff and taken her desk.

  5. grrrr! the alarm story annoys me.

    ditto weemo. and i'd like to come, too, thanks :)

  6. Is that picture some kind of torture? Ow.

    I probably would hide new girl's clock in jello a la The Office. Or killed it.

  7. yikes, my eyes are burning just looking at that.

    i miss you, tater!


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