gotta take the bad with the good

good news: we got a dvr again finally.
bad news: 24 and gossip girl kind of overlap.

good news: we can record top chef, the office, no reservations, and lots of other random fun stuff.
bad news: the bear won. we will be recording 24, and i will have to wait for gossip girl to go online.

good news: i have resolved to take some me/bear time every weekend even during school. this means that i might have some time to watch the dvr'ed stuff before the dvr gets too overloaded.
bad news: we'll see if i actually keep that resolution.

good news: i'm excited for studio this semester. i've heard good things about our instructor, and the first series of assignments sounds fun.
bad news: ask me if i still feel the same way after a few all-nighters.

good news: the paper that was due tomorrow, well, it's not due tomorrow anymore. we have another week.
bad news: i'm sick of writing this paper, and i told myself i'd stop last thursday, which i did. i'm done, damnit.

good news: i made decent mac 'n' cheese to munch on for the rest of the week.
bad news: my pants are snug.

for now, i can still blog. soon, no longer.


  1. This is why we now have five (5!) DVD recorders. No fights. Ever.

    A bit of good news for you -- Urth Caffe is now open until 10 p.m.!

  2. Did Weemo just say she has FIVE DVD recorders???

    We have none. The Hubster tricked me into watching 24 last night instead of GG. Hmph.

  3. i nicely offered to take GG off the dvr, so we could tape 24 and watch something else while eating dinner (yes, it's only night 2 of 24 and we're already behind. oh well). :/

    the dvr situation is a constant compromise in our house.

  4. We DVR 24 and GG at the same time, although I can't watch GG until subsequent nights. Sigh. I wish they'd mix up the two casts for one night for one amazing show:

    "Jack, do you like my dress?"
    "Dammit, Serena! Get down, GET DOWN!"
    "The general has taken Chuck hostage..."

  5. Can you watch one show and DVR the other? That's what we do. Or if we're not home, we can DVR both shows. Although...we don't watch either GG or 24...but if we did...

  6. I'm glad you didn't post pics of the Mac&Cheese you made, because I am eating NutriSystem mac & cheese for lunch and I fear that I would have hurled it at the screen.

  7. your post was great but the comments are hilarious!

  8. I guess if you can make the dvr thing work in a relationship, anything is possible. :)

  9. i dig your take on yay!/boo.


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