ribbon and rinaldi's

too. much. food. i finally fit into my half-size-too-small snowboard pants comfortably without having a merf all car ride up to the mountains. i would like to stay that way, but i like eating way too much.

this morning, boba came over bright and early so we could go to fabric barn in order to replenish her ribbon supplies. however, contrary to what they may say, they open at 10 on sundays, not 7.
luckily, their before 11 AM 10% discount still applies for that one hour. unluckily, we peered into their still-gated doors at 8:30ish. so we headed off to la creperie for a girly breakfast. again, the buckwheat crepe i had was a bit gummy, but boba's le saumon omelette was delish. we got back to the barn o' crafty shtuff prompty at 10, and whee! they were open on time. boba got away with about a dozen spools of ribbon. i had indulged a few days earlier, so i refrained. here are a few photos from my previous trip there, to give you a small sampling of all you can get there.

contrary to the name, this place has very little fabric.
this is about it.

lanerns that might be cheaper than ikea's.

one day turnaround if you really, absolutely need to personlize your ribbon.

wings. gross.

lotsa tulle + netting:






and what they're known for:

for all your labeling and tshirt needs.
i pink puffy heart you all.

we then headed toward LAX (boo!) to pick up potatobro. he's visiting from baaahhston for a bit. his flight was a little delayed, so in the meantime, we stopped to get bear a light brunch at the original rinaldi's (ironically now owned + operated by...the chens. mr. rinaldi still owns another branch in redondo beach, apparently.)

sausage, beef meatballs, pepperoni, marinara sauce, [glorious] cheese.

i tried a bite (or two) despite being full of gummy crepe, and wow. deeeelicious sandwich. the bread is soft with the outside nicely toasty and just crispy enough (not scrape the roof of your mouth lethal crispy), the marinara really flavorful and just very slightly sweet, and all the meat very...meaty. yum. it was totally a neighborhood place with regulars talking to the owner, running into people they knew already sitting down, and sandwiches named after regulars. who knew el segundo was such a norman rockwell kinda town?

at least i didn't leave my wallet in el segundo. hah. anyway, here's their entire, extensive menu.
next time someone's flight is late and you don't want to "circle" (sit in airport traffic) or pay for parking, hang out here while waiting instead.

cute yarn ball wreath at sbux.

oh, and i might have eaten a few of these while making them over the weekend.
[yeah, use hershey's hugs instead of chocolate chips]


  1. I don't think I'll ever have a need to go to Fabric Barn.

    We missed you today.

  2. Wow tater those look yummy!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of baby stuff. That reminds me, i'm low on my ribbon stash. Need to pay a visit soon.

  4. There are those delightfully addicting pretzel treats! Yum, yum!

  5. I'm really glad you captured all that tulle Fabric Barn has now...Seriously, less tulle, more fabric! I've been there many times over the last couple weeks getting ribbon :)

  6. Oh, forgot to mention how rad that Starbucks wreath is. I want to replicate that next year! I love those colors.

  7. Holy hell that fatboy looks amazing.

  8. i love fabric barn. a lot.

    cute pretzels! at least they don't look like nipples, like my treats did. :X

  9. Hee, I was at Fabric Barn last week too! Twice, in fact.

  10. ribbon! pretzels! sandwiches!



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