bitter about this added drawing due tomorrow. that i haven't started. so i'm blogging. about nothing.

tonight, my group and i were finishing up the day's work on our aggregation of what we have dubbed "vagules." as in vagina modules. if you know me and are my friend on facebook, there's a photo somewhere of a version of the project tagged with my name, courtesy of the project manager. the boys in our group refuse to present it formally as such and have instead called it a "leaf-shaped module." blah. so boring, boys. anyway, at sundown, we looked up at the bridge above us and noticed the twinkle lights the city put up. so pretty and festive. freckles said my face lit up in the most cute way when i saw them. it's the little things.

my body cannot wake up. yesterday, i woke up at the exact time i was supposed to be at work. today, i woke up 15 minutes after i was supposed to have met my group at school. it thinks i'm done with the semester, but i'm not. did ya hear that, body???

even though i was doing manual labor all day today, i decided i needed to smell pretty. i received a lovely gift last weekend and made good use of the lotion and perfume today. so pretty and yummy even in winter. sparkly. crisp. fresh. like the twinkle lights. by far my favorite fresh fragrance. yum.

oh, and i had mac 'n' cheese for dinner from royal clayton's pub. most deeeelicious. it's for those that love the gooey, watery-er versions of mac. i love all kinds, and this is one of the better soupy ones i've had. go eat. it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. like me in my robe.


  1. good luck with the drawing!! you know i love hesperides; my fave fresh fragrance, too!

  2. The word verification for this comment is VAGULES!!!!!

    No, it isn't, but I wish it were.

  3. I miss you, Tater! Pretty soon you'll get to relax (at least for a few days) after school ends.

  4. I totally want some mac and cheese right now!

  5. I finished my first quarter last night at 11pm and I think I am still in shock. I have not basked in the freedom yet, but I hope it's coming. For you too!

    Why is it harder to be motivated when you are so close to just being done?

  6. presents are fabulous ;)

    mmm, mac and cheese.

  7. tater, gotta say, i've missed your posts. i mean, vagules? i would have so totally said that.

  8. Those boys are wimps! I mean, c'mon. Vagules is genius!

  9. i agree, it's the little things. :)


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