lab rat

had class #2 today. again, the instructor for my section was a no show as she's getting married today or something like that. i couldn't quite hear as i was standing behind a human buffer (a guy something like twice as tall and wide as me). the instructors for the other three sections were there, though, and that was good enough as it was just running through rules and the structure of the class, etc. our assignment for this week is to help thesis students, so again, not a huge deal that my section leader was not there. this is turning into a disturbing pattern, however. the registrar may be hearing from me.

so here i am in a dark lab, helping a thesis student. my job is to type a command, wait 30-60 minutes for mr. compy to actually do what i commanded, rinse, and repeat. not super exciting, but at least it's mindless and i can do all sorts of things on the internets [sic] while waiting. i'm also kind of learning a new program doing this.

sorry, short and sweet for now. no fun photos today. nothing that humorous happened, either. i think i'm slowly losing the ability to find silly humor in the tiniest things due to being so serious for school. i'm too serious as it is. must start seeking the funnies out again.


  1. With the amount of tuition I imagine you have paid, you should defnitely mention professor no-show to someone.

  2. She's getting married? That's the excuse?!


  3. Sorry, school is still a business. This is unacceptable practice. You should demand for a partial refund.

    Your thesis assistant assignment sounds like season 2 of Lost, in which they had to type in a series of code every 108 minutes.

  4. totally unacceptable. i'd make a [sorta] nice complaint to someone, too.

    laughing at winnie's comment -- funny 'cuz it's true!

  5. winnie gets me every time.

  6. Even when you're serious you're still funny.
    Sounds like we need wine and cheese again!!!

  7. Just be seriously funny and it'll all work out. :)


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