brain hurts

after all this rote (albeit still difficult and majorly time-consuming) reproduction and study of precedent, we are commanded to analyze deeply and create. while the pace has been intense and the brain has hurt a bit, doing research and slapping it together is not as hard as real analysis and then informing our work through that. for tonight, i'm still working on yet another precedent project for another class. i know, it's all greek to you. it's is to me, too, and it amazingly actually doesn't involve the greeks.

tomorrow is going to be a long day-into-night-into-day-into-night, much like last week's thursfriday. then apparently we have a big assignment due monday, which they will not be assigning until friday.

despite my whining and sleep-deprived fog, i keep putting off work work for school work, so i'm thinking i prefer it.

oh, and i'm totally being humbled. despite my related background, i know nothing and i know how to do nothing. and i am super slow despite being miss efficient at work these past years. work and school are so so different in this biz. poor kiddos/classmates who don't really know that yet.

i have an anecdote from what happened at my campus job yesterday. let's just say i happen to man the register when the crazies come in, as something else happened a couple of weeks ago, too. those stories i'll save for another break.

sleep tight my lovelies. there is nothing to fear as potato is up all night to guard you from the sandman. via the internets.


  1. Poor Tater :( I'm sad for you and your pillow at home.

  2. I hate your school.
    Not really.
    Ok, well, kinda.

  3. strangely, i feel safer now. ;)

    so sad for sleep-deprived tater.

  4. This is a pretty ridiculous type of program you're in. Hope you make it through the weekend alive.

  5. This sounds just as bad, if not worse, than law school.

  6. :-( I bet you're underestimating your obvious skill and talent. I bet you leave your classmates in the dust. I bet all your professors talk of you in hushed tones, afraid you'll be taking their jobs.

  7. :(

    i'm so sad you're having to work so hard :(

  8. Wow. You are seriously swaying me to the no column when trying to decide if going back to school is a good idea for me.


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