orientation, day 2

today was much better. a lot more listening in the dark, cool "lecture hall," but at least this time it was very useful information--class schedules, how to register for classes, our email addresses/logins for all the internety stuff, a very informative presentation on credit and borrowing that i wish i had heard as an undergrad, introduction to all the staff (it's a small school) and their roles/direct lines/email addresses. and no pop quizzes! whee!

my schedule? it's actually not *that* bad...except for my fridays. i have class from 9 AM to 10 PM with a break from 12-2 PM. yes, you read that right folks. the worst friday class schedule. ever.

on my way home, i stopped by the school store that does not sell teddy bears, sweatshirts, or really anything with the school name on it (there are two items to appease the parents who may be financing the whole venture and want to publicize it). we are just too cool for that. i was glad to see how well-stocked it is for our needs, and the prices are great, too. i then hopped next door to a good cafe and had probably the best iced chai i've had in a long time.

i feel sorry for the undergrads. they were stuck mixed in with us old farts listening to all this [useful] but boring blabbiness for 2 full days. my undergrad orientation was a week-long PAR-TAY. the school even sponsored fun events (most including free food), icebreaker/bonding type activities that were actually fun, and i forget what else. i just remember eating a lot of ice cream and constantly having something else fun to do. and...there may have been a lame frat party or two mixed in there. instead, the 20 or so underage people in the school had to sign some statement saying they understood the alcohol and drug policy and walk up to the stage to turn them in. poor kiddos. i can't believe i just said "kiddos."

lastly, i was going to take some fun, somewhat non-identifying photos around campus (although someone in the know could totally figure it out from the myriad clues i've written here). i thought i did...like i almost remember taking my camera out to take photos. but when i got home and uploaded, this is all i had:
a picture of the tour of firms i am going on tomorrow that i took so i could remember their names to do research tonight. dork. sometimes, when i'm at home and too lazy to ask the bear to bust his ancient scanner out or to run out to somewhere i can get copies made (especially since i rarely go into the office these days), i just take a digital photo of documents, spiff 'em up in photoshop, and then save 'em as a PDF or print a copy. who needs photocopiers anyway?

oh! and i took my student ID photo today. yay for student discounts! oh, and access to the building(s). i did not know we would be photographed against an almost-80s-fluorescent pink wall. i wore a fuschia top today. meh. hopefully the good hair day makes up for the shirt. i'll see when i get my ID tomorrow.

i'm not quite excited about school yet, but at least i'm not as terrified as i was yesterday.


  1. i am so sad at your friday schedule.

    dude, i totally take pictures of things i want/need to read later on. i'm too lazy to take notes.

  2. I'm going to need a visual of that student ID.

  3. I'm so going to bring you food on Fridays when I get back.

  4. ugh. that friday schedule is majorly crappy. :/ are the rest of the days better?

    ditto jane. i'd like to see the ID, thx!

  5. that friday schedule sucks ass. make sure you at least do something fun on your break!

  6. hell ya to student discounts. take me to the movies please. i can definitely pass as you.

    and what do you think is worse kiddos or vixens? i think it's a draw!

  7. Worst.Friday.Ever. Did you not get the memo that the weekend starts on Thursday when you're in school?

    Glad day 2 went better than day 1

  8. I think I'd probably quit and go get a job at Taco Bell once I got your Friday schedule.

  9. I'll bet your recent grumpy Friday would be welcome in the face of your Fridays to come. :/


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