i love notebooks

blank books. sketchbooks. all of the above.

i had dinner tonight at bld (more on that later...and how much do i love the wobbly line drawing sketches of chairs on their website and menus? mucho.) with a handful of friends to celebrate vase's birthday. she's the last of the elevens, 8.11, and we celebrated belatedly.

boba and me rendezvous'ed in the ladies' room to put together vase's joint gift from the girls, and she had brought me a mini gift, too! she is one of those thoughtful types that is reminded of her friends by the smallest things. see? she saw this and got it for me! thank you, boba (the lurker)!please see full-size photo to read about the bear.
no, it's not really a picture book. just lines inside.
yeah, i was disappointed, too.
not really.
i never trust engrish.
[more on the fab orange nava notes below.]

i LOVE books with elastic around them to keep it all together.
most of my more recent sketchbooks have le elastic.
this double elastic is even MORE genius. continue to see why.

one as a bookmark...

...one to hold it all together! eee!

plus if you know me, you know i can never have too many grommets.

or gromits.
i can do without wallaces, though.

alrighty. time for some nava notes love. i picked this up on a trip to new york last year. i had to hit up paper presentation, and this was the only thing i ended up buying during my whole trip there.
first, pretty pretty orange.
the shade is a true orange that looks better IRL.
horrible background, i know.

subtle, intersecting lines.
clear ink thermographed on. thermography barely raised.
like i said, subtle, simple, clean, beautiful.
very nice paper cover with a bit of a tooth yet still smooth.

i love to circle.
even if the order of year/day/month confuses my american brain.

LOTS of room for lists! whee!
dotted lines. whee-er!
i can put work tasks on one side, personal tasks on the other.
i usually get 2-3 days per double page spread, so i just circle multiple days.
so fun to circle those dang numbers.
so fun.

there is so much going on. i want to blog about my last full time day at work (today...whee!) and my farewell lunch at casa del mar. i want to blog about why i'm quitting, er going to part time, and the next big thing. i want to blog about my mini foot injury and how fascinating it was to watch it gush blood and splatter red all over our kitchen walls, crime scene style (no worries, it looked way worse than it is). but...there are not enough hours in the day, my friends. and this weekend will be chock full. as will my next two weeks "off." ok, i explain all later. i hope. tired tater needs to go take up the entire bed again.


  1. i puffy <3 notebooks, too. i'm in dire need of a new cute pink one, but alas, no such luck.

    ack! what happened to your foot?! :/

    i feel the same way about time right now -- there just isn't enough of it. sigh.

  2. i love that you feel about notebooks the way i do about paper source products.

    that was one hell of a convoluted sentence, but i think you get me.

  3. The double elastic is swoon-tastic.

    Dude, that rhymed. I think I too need a super sassy notebook for my thoughts.

    You Engrish velly gouda!

  4. In college, I used to take lecture notes in sketchbooks. Loved the grain of the paper and how it made me feel artsy when I totally wasn't. I still buy notebooks and journals here and there and have quite a collection, but they all remain blank. I should go take a class just so I can fill them.

    /long, random comment

  5. You are totally as cute as your notebooks - but apparently more bloody.

  6. I too love notebooks! I just bought a Domo one from Target recently, which I especially love because I bought it for my job as a journalist - http://www.flickr.com/photos/amypop/2661422278/

  7. I love notebooks. I collect them. I have a whole box of them. I am nutso about them. Me, me, me. ;)

    I don't care for the elastic, though. I'll take it, but I tend to gravitate towards notebooks that don't have it. It messes up the aesthetic value somehow.

    I love both Wallace and Gromit. Like, LOVE.

  8. I love your enthusiasm for notebooks.


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