happy anniversary, my love

this first year has flown.

[image removed by request by the no fun bear. and i LOVE that photo of him, too, with such kindess in his eyes.]

my love,

thank you for always making me know how to laugh. always.
thank you for taking the first big step in making us us again, almost a handful of years ago.
thank you for making me realize every day how blessed i am--not only to have you and be had by you but also opening my eyes to the countless good things that have been poured upon us.
thank you for being the easygoing, grounded half. Lord knows we (OK, i) need some of that.
thank you for dealing with my family more lovingly than i can.
thank you for showing me different ways to love those around me.
thank you for showing me how to love.
thank you for helping me enjoy every stage of our love and be in it rather than looking too forward to what it might become or looking back to what we had.
thank you for not only supporting me in pursuing my dreams but also for making sacrifices so that i can realize them.
thank you for understanding me most deeply.
thank you for being OK with the parts of me you don't understand and loving it all, known and unknown.
thank you for the nightly good night kisses accompanied by a soft prayer, even thought i'm usually knocked out, mouth wide open, drool everwhurr by the time you come to give them.
thank you for being you and staying you, even in and through our new relationship status.
thank you for showing me a tiny but amazing glimpse of His love.
thank you for an amazing first year. i know you put a lot of hard work and your whole heart into it.

i can't wait for the many years to come.


  1. I'm excited you wrote this, so I can just c&p with a few changes for my anniversary in a couple weeks.


    Very sweet. :)

  2. Awwww, happy anniversary!

  3. what weezer said... except my anniversary is tomorrow. ;-) haha i love you two together and am so glad to hear the first year was spectacular! beautiful note.

  4. So sweet!

    Happy anniversary. :)

  5. Sooo gonna be borrowing / copying this . . . happy anniversary!

  6. so beautiful.

    happy anniversary :)

  7. How sweet! You are lucky to have each other!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! WeeMo and I were just talking about how all the cool kids have August-versaries

  9. Happy anniversary! So exciting! That was very sweet :)

  10. so sappy yet so sweet;)

    happy anniversary! glad you guys had a great weekend.

  11. Aw, very sweet! Happy Taterversary!

  12. Happy anniversary! Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful tearjerker! Happy anniversary to bear and tater!

  14. i love it when you get sappy like this. LOVE IT.

    happy taterversary, indeed!

  15. So late on this. Happy 1-year! Such sweet sweet words for the bear.

  16. I'm totally late, but this is so sweet! A total framer for the hubs!


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