chinese goodness

father bear's birthday happened this past week. to celebrate, he ask that we eat dim sum. yay! he chose new capital seafood restaurant, just upstairs from an old date spot for the bear and me.

no photos except this blurry one:
eh, not really an exclamation point for me as i do frequent B- and C-rated establishments quite often with no qualms.

we ate the standard, usual fare for bear family. two things i've tried but don't usually enjoy were very enjoyable today--chicken feet and tripe. the chicken feet were in a slightly spicy, sweet sauce that was tasty enough for me to ignore my texture issues with chicken feet. i am not a fan of tripe's smell or texture, but the way this stuff was prepared in a garlicky, savory sauce and chopped up small made it very enjoyable. oh, and i saw a waitress with a tray of the ever-elusive smurf houses, almond milk with pastry on top, as soon as we sat down. i pointed and told the bear, but he asked, "you want it NOW???" meh. so i didn't flag her down. and then i never saw her again. no smurf house for me.

afterward, we hung out at the bear parents' place for a bit, collected some limes and thai chilis, marveled at their papaya tree, and ate fresh longan (similar to lychee but milder, smaller, and easier to peel).

backtracking a bit, here's the fortune i got out of my chocolate-dipped fortune cookie, courtesy of the school and chin chin.
ok, so i ate two fortune cookies (so much better when dipped in chocolate), but this fortune was better. the other said something about finances that i wasn't buying as i had just paid my tuition. yay for supposed geniune talent! hopefully it will take me along as it finds its way to success.


  1. I am sad that the Smurf Houses escaped your clutches!

    There were no Smurf Houses even offered in the storage room today. I still can't believe we ate in that room. It was like an office supply closet.

  2. I can tolerate B ratings. C though is out of my range.

    Yay for genuine talent and success!

  3. I'm still searching for the elusive smurf houses.

  4. Moral of the story: always grab the smurf houses when you see them. H and I will have to trek out to Rowland Heights very soon. All these dim sum pics are making me hungry!

  5. I'm with Winnie - although "C" is passing, I don't think I've ever eaten anywhere with a "C." You're a brave tater.

  6. Chocolate dipped fortune cookies are the bestest!

  7. i'm with the other gals, i can't do a "C", especially knowing how much you have to have wrong to even garner a "B" :/

    sorry you didn't get your smurf house, though. :(

  8. nice fortune, dude :)

    i am so sad at not finding the smurf house again.

    not gonna lie, i don't know if i could've done a "c" rated joint. a "b" is a stretch for me.

  9. You are a brave potato to frequent C rated establishments.


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