busy weekend edition

back to the bullet points. fun but full, busy weekend.

  • worked more than i wanted to.
  • ran around doing a million errands, including picking up a few last-minute supplies for the baby shower i was helping with on saturday.
  • drove to school to get a parking permit and my photo taken for my ID, only to be told i could do neither that day. parking permits are issued only on tuesdays and thursdays. ID photos will not be taken until orientation. funny that the girl who answered the phone on thursday said i could take care of both on friday, and that she'd be there to help me. surprise, she wasn't there.
  • fears of being the dorky, uncool girl in school like i was most of my life surfaced as i walked the gritty, urban, industrial "halls" and saw the kids who had to take a summer session before the program starts bonding over a last day of summer school BBQ. they all know each other already. i don't. scurred.
  • grumpy from the school visit, i decided to drop by our lady of the angels cathedral. 'twas hot in the plaza. i sat in the air-conditioned sanctuary for a bit while tourists milled about. holy places with awe-inspiring architecture always help.

  • home again, home again for this little piggy.
  • had originally planned to go to undomestic goddess' for a shower-prep sleepover, but we realized she could handle friday night's prep herself and that everything else could be done on saturday morning.
  • chill night in doing nothing instead of knocking things off my list as i had plan b'ed. ah well.
  • woke up at the buttcrack of dawn. well, compared to weekdays, i slept in a bit.
  • grabbed some 'bucks on the way to undomestic goddess'.
  • took off to the flower mart. finished our shopping and were back within a little over an hour.
  • the two of us decorated onesie sugar cookie favors that undomestic goddess had baked and iced the night before, packaged 'em up, arranged flowers, made runners, bought random last-minute things we needed, tested the photo printer, and packed it all up.
  • somewhere between, we had $5.50 hong kong-style breakfasts to tide us over until tea.
  • shower time! read about it here, there, everywhere, anywhere, somewhere. this is all i have to add:

  • met the bear at turtle's house. dj dech and v met us there, too, as they were in town for a few days.
  • everyone ate dinner at coconut bay while i just mooched off the bear's plate. boop met us there as she was on her way back from orange county anyway. we tried to stay at our table and just lounge and drink afterward, but the drinks were meh.
  • went to TGI friday's of all places to lounge, drink, and watch michael phelps. turtle brought his newish girl so that v, dj dech, and boop could meet her. newish girl likes to talk on her cell phone. a lot. while with others. anyway, drinks were cheap, tv was fuzzy, and the company was awesome.
  • slept in. i just could not get up for any of the three church services.
  • mini church service, just the bear and me, at home.
  • ate nachos from our local mexican joint for lunch.
  • read a magazine.
  • cherished a lazy sunday afternoon, as i will soon no longer have 'em.
  • was fighting to stay up and start tackling my to do list. the bear told me i needed a nap.
  • i napped. for. ever.
  • cooked up a quick and yummy dinner of grilled shrimp and "rice." too tired to explain even after all that sleeping.
the end of the weekend. sad.


  1. what a packed weekend!! i had grilled shrimp for dinner, with homemade sweet potato fries. YUM. you have to tell us what you meant by "rice." i can't wait to see you next week!! <3

  2. My family moved several times when I was growing up. I so know those "fears of being the dorky, uncool girl." I WAS that girl ages 11 to 23.

    *Big hugs*

  3. There are, like, 47 photos of me and that poopy diaper.

  4. you're a cool chick. you're going to be just fine :)

    our friend metro man brought a girl to meet us one time who didn't talk to us except for one word answers to questions and then proceeded to text her friends the entire time. needless to say we didn't like her much and there was much rejoicing when they split. that girl sounds like a real winner, too :/

  5. I'm always sad when the weekend is over. :(

    You are going to be just fine in school. If anyone messes with you, tell them your big SFAM sister is going to come down there and kick their butts. ;)

  6. You are going to be one cool chica at school. Don't even let a worry creep in. With your uber cute dress and rockin hair cut, you'll be the hottest chica there!

  7. You know I'm weak as hell, but I'll cheer R on as she kicks butts.

    I was going to tell you the same exact story that A wrote in her comment, except my friend wasn't named metro man. But still -- the same type of girlfriend. Ridiculous. So not looking forward to seeing her again :-P

  8. boo to the heffa who steered you wrong. and to newish girl. way to make a first impression.

    thanks again to you and lilcee for all your help!

  9. When I grow up I want to be you on Sunday ;-)

  10. What a seriously jam-packed weekend! I hate doing school errands and I hate it even more when my school errands can't be accomplished and still remain on the list. I feel like that happens to me all the freakin' time! The shower was so cute! I loved all the touches!


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