ming chairs

i was reading this, where i saw this:manufactured by xO and available for purchase online here. i think i like the chromed out one better, but i don't know if i really like either. so, philippe, when exactly are you going to stop designing, especially turds?

then i was flipping through a cb2 catalog and saw this:
produced by magis. also available here. its armless older sibling is also available here. mr. morrison's site.

too bad this short-femur'ed shorty is usually quite uncomfortable in barrel-ish chairs. if someone invited me to their yard, roof deck, or other exterior living space for a meal, i'd happily sit in either. well, i'd sit in anything or even on the ground. can't wait to live in a space that truly allows for summer living.


  1. Starck at Target = beginning of the end.

  2. They look so cool, but also look really uncomfy. But who cares? They look cool!

  3. I have no legs, so I completely understand your plight

  4. they're a little too modern (oh, who am i kidding, they're waaaay too modern) for our place, but they're pretty cool.


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