crazy.jaded.[insert one-word aerosmith song here]

despite (or is it because of?) the craziness of this past week or so, i feel compelled to note the events down for myself. i have no idea why except something inside keeps telling me to blog it. please bear with me. or you can just skip this entry. believe me, it's filled with the yawn-so-big-you-tear-up mundane.

  • worked a lot but from home at least.
  • baked our current favorite cupcakes as part of mrs. boba's birthday gift.

    labeled 'em

    they fit perfectly in an old jin patisserie bag i had laying around.

  • dinner at banana bay with the bear, baby brother, a+k, and a+k's baby sister. good times, slow-appearing but good food, so good to have all the kids of the "family" reunited in one spot.
  • dj dech and v came into town last minute, so we picked them up from the airport. we had heard there were new, happening places in claremont, where they'd be staying for the night, so we sought out the packing house. at 11:30 PM, it was a ghost town minus the two restaurant/lounges that were still open and utterly unappealing to all of us for some reason. we headed to pomona instead to satiate v's months-long craving of carne asada fries. yes, we are brave souls.
  • we ended up going back to dj dech's parents' place and pigging out there. i always like seeing the bear see his old friends again.
  • worked a little on the freelance project. didn't do nearly enough due to work fatigue from the previous week.
  • dinner at delius. i was really hoping this could become a special occasion place for the bear and me, but it was mediocre. honestly, the food was fine overall. it just fell short of its cost. the starters were good but on the small side. for dinner, i had the salmon, and while it was cooked to perfect done-ness (i despise how many places overcook fish making it all dry), its blah brown sauce tasted like straight up salt. the mushroom orzo on which it sat and the veggies on its side were cooked very nicely, though. not oversalted, flavorful, and with generous amounts of fresh ground pepper--which i love. plus the place feels a bit sterile, cold, and underdone for the high-end, wine-o type of place it is aspiring to be. and this minimalist rarely dubs a place underdone.
  • sorry, mrs. boba, for suggesting it. hope you had fun anyway! ;)
  • mrs. boba's pricky pear cactus martini:

  • trio of butters. yummy, but the bread was too soft. i ate a ton of bread anyway just to eat the butter. and because it took them hours to bring out our food. dinner took almost 3 hours. it should have maybe taken 1.5 to 2. i don't mind leisurely dinners in good company, but i do mind if there is no food in front of me for more than half of it.

  • vase generously gave me a ride to the next birthday bash stop, despite it being out of her way. thanks again, vasey! :)
  • drinks at mai tai bar afterward. ordered a lychee martini. got some other sort of martini that was pink, definitely not lychee, but delicious and cheap. even after drinking it a little too fast, i was stone-cold sober, so maybe it was just juice. ah well, it was yummy if incorrect juice.
  • liked the hip hop spinning between the live band's sets. the band wasn't bad, either, just less my taste.
  • heard old rave music bumping from v2o as i the bear picked me up. like all the ATB songs kiis played in the summer of 2000. or was it 2001? felt old as i walked by the line to get in.
  • enjoyed having the bear chauffeur me to dinner then pick me up from the bar.
  • oh, and i'm married not buried, folks. truly, if you feel i have fallen off the face of the earth, it is most likely due to work and subsequent recovery on weekends more than the fact that we got hitched. i will soon be disappearing even further out in space and seeing my husband probably as often as i see you. remember, i've always tended toward the anti-social, hermit type despite having been a bit more social in the past handful of years (and even learned to really enjoy it all just in time to have it taken away).
  • went to the in-laws' church for father's day.
  • consumed yummy home cooked (church cooked?) thai for lunch. i don't know if you can find some of this stuff in restaurants, even in southern california, home of a bajillion thai restaurants.
  • mother bear's contribution was one of the yummiest. really. she doesn't read this, so i am not just sucking up.
  • i would dive into a pool full of sticky rice and eat my way out, if i could.
  • worked a lot
  • had a coupon for a free southern style chicken sandwich at micky d's. eh. too salty and mayo-y. plus i have a strange aversion toward warm iceberg lettuce unless it's completely boiled/steamed/stir fried and topped with oyster sauce (a frequent college dinner of my roommates and me). goodness, i'm quite whiney regarding food this entry.
  • worked a lot again.
  • donned the hard hat again. sorry, no photos this time as i was the one manning the camera.
  • introduced co-worker to dots cupcakes after peeling the hard hat off my steaming head. strangely, the cream cheese frosting had absorbed the scent and flavor of whatever they use to clean the place. blech. the two minis we had were yummy and not cleaning product scented/flavored, thankfully. yep, the whining continues. maybe the lack of sleep affects my appreciation for most food in general and makes me into this nitpicky crazy. this is the first time i haven't fully enjoyed my dots.
  • worked a lot.
  • ran around a furniture showroom for 2 hours with my new best friend putting pretty much everything in sight on hold.
  • bought approximately 250 cupcake liners at surfas afterward while on a mental break on my way back to the office. they're not even that cute, but they'll do for the next decade or so, i hope.
  • got into the office at 7 AM. worked until 11 PM.
  • grabbed lunch at la salsa and inhaled it at my desk. i always forget that i don't like their food or prices. thus, noting it here to continue the whining.
  • went to gardena on behalf of a client. had some chop suey while at it. not really.

  • killed time by getting a much-needed pedicure. i was also in desperate need of a haircut and brow-waxing, but those had to wait and are still waiting.
  • met with my new academic counselor. slick how they bypassed the whole adviser/advisor thing. this dude is the counselor for every. single. student. he seems pretty accessible so far, though.
  • went into the office to finish up prep for biggie presentation that afternoon.
  • met with crazy client who has singlehandedly made my work hours crazy.
  • rocked presentation. not that i talked much in my sleep-deprived state. was totally happy to let boss perform most of the dog & pony show.
  • back to the office to take care of some follow-up that had to be done before week's end. some of which included charging up a storm on client's black card with abandon. spending like that is fun. it feels deliciously naughty when it totally isn't and i'm authorized to do so.
  • checked google maps and really did not want to drive home in that.
  • called up e11even, who was still in the area after work/before coaching and down to meet me for happy hour. i was dismayed to find they no longer serve free mini pizzas at happy hour, that drink specials have increased by $1, and the special munchies available aren't $4 each anymore but more like $4-$15. it's been a long time since i've been out of work early enough to go.
  • guzzled my blue moon and scarfed my two bleh (too much dry bread) sliders. the fries were as good as i remembered, though, especially when dipped in their spicy ranch (not pictured but so yummy).

  • traffic was amazingly light by the time i hit the road.
  • the bear and i just roasted all night at home, vegging after our respective soul-sucking weeks.
  • got a run in! finally! only lasted 2 miles before i melted into a puddle in the shower and emerged still sweating. gross. that has never happened to me before...where the sweating continues during the shower and starts up again immediately after toweling off.
  • wandered and searched for a wells fargo ATM in carson. picked up some chips and a kern's nectar (peach, if you care) from a liquor store while waiting to meet someone. don't ask. it pains the bear to repeat why we were there. but it's really not that bad.
  • sat in pools of sweat.
  • in search of A/C, i got into my sweltering dry sauna of a car. drove around wasting gas just so i could cool down. ended up here:
  • stared blankly back at a random man giving me strange looks for taking photos in a library. what? it's been a very long time since i've seen the inside of one of these. especially one of the public variety.
  • i meant to find some heady theory and such to get my brain less mushy before fall. instead, i walked out with this stack:
yes, there's a theme.
oh, except the magazine that came sometime during the week.
the mailbox flung all sorts of papery projectiles at me when i finally got around to opening it for the first time in about 10 days.
  • started to bury myself in those to escape for a little while. did i mention that between a thursday night and the first friday listed way up there, i read all of jodi picoult's my sister's keeper? i don't know what's gotten into me. i haven't read this voraciously since i was reading every single book the in the babysitter's club series up to #90something.
one more glorious weekend day left. filled with church, lunch with friends, and more reading, it's looking to be quite sweet.


  1. Your cupcakes look tres professional.

    We also drove around yesterday for air conditioning purposes.

  2. Blech, I hate when HHs change. I always did enjoy World, though...especially as they would serve my underage self.

    And those cupcakes look amazing. Truly gorgeous.

  3. kitchen confidential is so good! i truly fell in love with bourdain after reading that book. julie and julia was pretty hilarious, too. great reading for when you just need an escape.

    if you find that you're really loving the food genre books, michael ruhlman has a series of books about chefs that is very well written and quite interesting: 'making of a chef', 'soul of a chef' and 'reach of a chef'. i hope you're able to fit in lots of fun reading before the crazy starts up again :)

  4. Good recap! Those cupcakes look yummy and the books look like a great escape!

  5. i should be shot for taking alberto's for granted.

    nice cupcakes! that sounds kinda dirrrty, but you know me.

  6. impressed w/ your cupcakes. I would like one for my bday pls tyvm.

    interesting reads.

  7. You work too much.

    Love your cupcakes!

  8. Thanks for the linky love!

    Your cupcakes look good to me and I look forward to tasting them some day. :)

    You're sooooo busy! I don't blame you for escaping into magazines and books.


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