tater + tv

the bear had a relatively early hockey game tonight, so i had the tv. all. to. my. self. whee! i usually don't get to watch much of what i want, but it's mostly my fault for making the bear sell our second one. i hate clutter, it was pretty big with its matching, interlocking stand and all, and we really don't have the space. plus i'm not a huge fan of tv. i have mixed feelings about him. it's complicated.

last night, the bear let me watch my beloved top chef. he actually enjoys some of the drama, too. i've missed a lot of episodes. last i saw go was nikki. ah well, i'll catch up during marathon some weekend. bye bye spike. i prefer my seasoning over my chef to be called spike. oh, and has anyone ever seen hair so mismatched to one's other physical appearance and personality and age as richard's. must give him props for being how i probably would be as a chef (as much as i hate to admit it and a few notches less push-the-gastronomy-envelope), though.

so you think you can dance was actually quite entertaining and captivating. i marveled at the human body and how it was made to move (or not move, in many contestants' cases). it made me wish i could dance. (i'm great at learning choreography since i'm great at rote memorization, but i don't have any natural ability. whatsoever.) like really dance.

i turned this on during the 3rd quarter, and lakers had just gained a 1-point lead. so i switched away. when i switched back, they were up by 1 sometime in the 4th quarter, so i switched away again quickly. really, i'm bad luck, so you can all thank me for not watching.

the office--i actually do watch this somewhat regularly since it's online, because i'm a fan, and because it pays my bills once removed. it was the season finale, which is great, but boo...gotta wait for the new season.

sex and the city--the episode where miranda feels "yuppy guilt" and big says, "i love you." again, just snippets of this inbetween everything else.

rob&big--i only caught snippets of this during sytycd's commercials. big is having a baby or something? his faux, practice baby scared the heck outta me. the crying is quite annoying, too. i love their bulldog, meaty.

by the way, i absolutely cannot watch hgtv, top design, any home decorating/"designing"/improvement shows. at all. they make me annoyed, ill, frustrated, mad, and embarrassed all at the same time. like, i literally squirm. i just cannot leave it on any of those channels. no, i haven't given much of it a fair chance as i can't watch it long enough. i wonder if that's how chefs feel about top chef or food network in general. or dancers about sytycd or any of the other dance shows. or stupid 18-22 year olds about real world (probably not, as i once was one and loved watching). or hair stylists about sheer genius or that jonathan antin show that was on awhile ago.

binge and purge. the bear is back, so no more tv for me!


  1. I think you should watch MTV's The Paper online.

  2. I heart SYTYCD. Too bad the only "dance" I can do is the Jr. High swaying.

  3. I'm sure I'd feel the same way if there was some reality show on about teachers who get punked by kindergarteners. I'm am counting myself as one of the ignorant fools who indulge in HGTV. Please don't hate me. Oh - and shear genius 2 is coming on soon!

  4. I swear I must have said like 100 times over the past week:
    "That's how I dance! Why do these people think that's good dancing?"

  5. i am quite amused at the highlights recap. way to get your fill of tv while you can!

  6. I am an indulgent fool as well. I like HGTV...then again I have no technical or formal so what do I know? I still get irritated by the stupid hosts if that makes you hate me less now. ;)

  7. I have to watch SYTYCD alone as I tend to annoy those around me with my squirming/ constant critiquing of the dancers, so I get ya on the HGTV stuff!

  8. Um...I'm in the process of filling out a few applications to have my home fixed up by HGTV and the DIY network. Don't hate me. It's my poor house's only hope.

  9. I hate HGTV, too. Boo.

  10. Big's pregnant? I thought he was just fat.

  11. i think sytycd is actually a really well-respected show in the dance world. the contestants have actually gotten better each season. i think same goes for top chef. they're even doing recruiting for the show at the culinary institute.

    you'll cringe, but hubs and i are addicted to hgtv these days. seriously. if we're not watching sports, we watch hgtv.


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