random product round-up

like i said, i finished our mother's day shopping.

i supplemented MIL's sigg bottle with a couple of bottle brushes.
[not sigg brand...these are a bit cheaper, and i was at C&B anyway]

and a candle.

[in feuilles d'orangerie--mandarin and orange rind,
italian lemon leaf, fresh cut grass, white grapefruit]

i know, i know, so blah and typical and thoughtless. BUT i really do like voluspa candles a lot, they offer the most bang for your buck as far as well-scented, fancy-schmancy candles go (retail for around $20-25 for a 10 oz. rather than $40, 50, or even 75!!! i've seen others go for). plus she actually uses them all.the.time, according to the bear, but tends to go for less indulgent candles, so i thought i'd give her nose a treat. double plus the packaging is so nice. simple, clean, good use of pattern and color without overdoing it for my minimalist sensitivities.

to go along with it, to please my girly mom who puts scented stuff all over the house, a candle and room/body spray (yes, safe to use on both!).

[in paheri mango leaf--paheri mango leaves and rind,
french verbena, grenadine]

both scents are fresh, have my beloved citrus notes in them, and perfect for summer. well in my opinion, anyway. let's hope our moms think so, too.

i know, so blah, but also so done. booya! now time to think up pretty packaging. neither really cares or appreciates it that much, but i care. so hmph.

those dang japanese are so clever. the moma store (if in doubt when shopping for me, just get me a gift certificate here. or to nordstrom. or to bedbath&beyond. or to target. or to amazon. or to barnes & noble. or to...oh, never mind.) has a new destination japan collection, and i am loving way too many pieces.

i love piggy stuff. this lid lets steam escape through the snout! hilarious. this could keep me giggling by myself in the kitchen for hours.
other crisp white kitchen[-related] essentials infused with just enough whimsy.


duck (so sad this is a...duck. blech. it's fitting, i guess.)
minimal (i prefer this over the duck. ever the minimalist.)
spork! (for RAMEN, no less!)

kangaroo (as in pouch)

ice cream


a serious bento box. i miss the cute, pink zojirushi one i used it high school. this one is a bit masculine, but the high-tech-ness and clean lines appeal to me.

business scissors. as opposed to...fun scissors? play scissors? hobby scissors?

if your sense of direction is as bad as mine, this wrist compass isn't such a bad idea. at all.

oh yeah, and i must hit up the muji store in new york next time i'm there. too bad i'm forfeiting two chances to go this summer. ::tear::

i'm not much of a jewelry-wearer besides the requisite bling on my left hand, a simple chain & cross pendant most days (wedding gift from the in-laws), and earrings when going out. however, anything from hilary druxman or suzanne felsen might just convert me. and yes, both have been around awhile. and yes, i've been a fan. and yes, i've been too cheap to ever indulge. and yes, too shy to actually mention when people ask what i want as a gift (anyway, i honestly truly can never think of stuff i want when put on the spot, well, not that i'd ask for a suzanne felsen piece anyway because of the cost).
this blogging machine is tired. sweet nap time!


  1. OMG. That pig lid made my day. The thought of steam coming out of those nostrils -- ha!

  2. Great gifts for mom!

    That MOMA stuff is awesome!

  3. OK, that snout lid it too freaking cool! I want one!

  4. The pig lid is my favorite! I really do love pigs. You are such a good daughter, I was going to send my mom cookies, then found out she is on a strict Dr. rec'd diet. So I'm back at square one. Maybe I will check out the Moma store site - thanks!

  5. I heart the moma store. There's where I often pick gifts to send to people whom I don't know what to get :)

    And yes, I'll visit the muji store on your behalf. Hahahaha.

  6. I heart the moma store. There's where I often pick gifts to send to people whom I don't know what to get :)

    And yes, I'll visit the muji store on your behalf. Hahahaha.

  7. I seriously want the pig steam releaser lid! But not quite sure when I'd use it since when I put a lid on its because I want to trap the steam......

  8. there is so much fun stuff in this post, i can't focus.

    but i WOULD love that piggy lid. the kid would die of laughter.

  9. I'll take one of each of everything in this post. And 2 of those piggy steam things. So cute.

  10. i took your idea about the sigg bottle and got my mom one, too! yay :)

    i'm loving that first pendant on the right. totally my style. <3

  11. I would probably giggle in the kitchen at the piggy top too.

  12. I have that pig steamer lid!

  13. i saw that and wanted to purchase the piggy lid. But Mr. Cee would have a fit for randomness spending. I <3 Japanese stuff. If you ever get a chance, you should go to Daiso, another great Japanese import.

    I spend hours in that store finding the coolest stuff.



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