i write awesome, deep blog entries in my head while commuting home. too bad i promptly forget them. i had two wonderful posts all thought out, and now there really is nothing left of them at all.

so instead, i will revert to food again. the subject line is what the bear said last night when i pulled this out of our freezer:
he hadn't tried much greek or mediterranean food before our second go-round of dating, so please excuse him.

before we ate that, we had some steamed broccoli dipped in "spicy ranch." why the annoying quotes? because it was two little things of jack-in-the-crack buttermilk house sauce + a big drop of this:
that dave sure knows how to concoct some potent stuff. mmmMMM.

oh yes, i did convection ovenize some frozen sweet potato frites from trader joe's, too, as we had some spicy ranch left. that's what the package says. it turns all french all of a sudden 2/3 of the way through its own name. yeah, it's about time to go grocery shopping.

good thing we don't have kids to feed.

dear world,

please stop dropping your secrets in my ear. my little brain can only hold so much before it wants to burst.

but seriously, people. i'm not that reliable or trustworthy. really. i promptly tell the bear most everything. of course when i come squealing in with a juicy piece of gossip/yet another secret, he usually doesn't hear what i'm saying and answers with a grunt or two. so the freakin' secret bounces out of his bouncy eardrum, drops back into my ear, and there it stays tickling the blabbermouth part of my brain threatening to bust out.

alright, i guess i do feel pretty dang special to be entrusted with what is important to you and so important that it must be whispered and handled with care for the time being.

talkative tater

currently drooling over this:
online exhibit, filled with color. go peep it, yo.


  1. New colors!

    I think of deep things, too, and I never write about them.

  2. I usually blab to Josh, too.

  3. That looks like a cool exhibit.

    I like writing deep blog entries. But mine usually come out sounding whiny.

  4. Ha, my hubs has the same reaction as the bear when I tell him stuff.

  5. i think there's a rule that you can tell spouses and it doesn't count. ;)
    also... i had trader joes sweet potato frites on sunday! yum!!!

  6. You do need to go shopping. hmmmm. I tell Brad everything. Just so you lnow, in case you ever tell me a secret. Ha!

  7. I actually try to write my deep thoughts down but it looks so not deep on paper. More cliche than anything.

  8. i say spank in the beginning too! ha!

    Oh i think of great things to write about in my head but when it comes time to writing it, all is forgotten.

    cool colors. I would like to see that.

  9. when i first got married, my mom would share something with me, sometimes prefacing it with "now, don't tell jim this..." after reminding her numerous times that, in fact, we were married and i tell him everything, she now says "okay, i know you'll tell jim, just don't tell anyone else." heh. at least she's got it all figured out.

    not sure if you're referring to work or personal stuff, but i seem to have a sign at the office that says "trust me and tell me your best office/personal gossip." :/

  10. omg, me too - my best blog posts remain unwritten because i forget them by the time i sit down to the puter.

  11. Stuff falls out of my head too.

    People should know that when you're married your spouse will know everything you do.


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