lazy post

fabulous girls' weekend. it's already all been said. and photographed. i have like 3 photos from the weekend.
^_^ <---happy

the bear and i had some bbq for dinner. neither of us particularly like bbq, especially the kind with sauce. but this was good. i didn't even have to subsist solely on sides (greens...MMM, potato salad...MMM, mac and cheese if they had it...MMM!!!) like i usually do at bbq.
(' o ') <---piggy

it feels like summer. i'm getting all nostalgic for summer vacation.
-_-'' <---sweaty

i'm not sure if i'm allowed to tell, yet, but who are you guys gonna tell anyway? my mom is getting married. again.
' x ' <---blabby

i have a big installation going on over the next couple of days. must. conserve. energy.
-_- <---tired already

[ETA, like 2 mins. later] oh yeah, i cried while watching this during dinner tonight.
;_; <---teary tater

i know, you google reader people hate me by now for my 19473847 of the same post.


  1. Look at all those emoticons! Perfect!

  2. You cried during that movie?!

    [shaking head]

  3. Those emoticons sure are cute for being lazy :) Congratulations to your mom! Again?

  4. nope haven't seen that movie yet.

    i'm totally enjoying the emos.

  5. :) <-- still enjoy your blog

  6. yep, love the emoticons. ;-) congrats to your mom!! that makes both of our moms... what is it about this year? haha

  7. I just emailed everyone I knew to tell them your mom's getting married again.

  8. Congrats to Mommy Tater! I like you lazy posting style.

  9. I love your blog. The only thing I don't like is that Google Reader doesn't show your whole post in the pane. That is a PITA.

  10. Porky's BBQ? Tehehehe, that's kinda funny.

  11. such a cute post. i love it so!

  12. Your lazy is still better than my trying. ;)


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