despite being a total over-thinker and over-analyzer, i don't really think smart.
i tend to work hard and a lot (well, relatively). i need to learn to work smart instead.

my brain is going to hurt bad, come fall. poor brain. it'll be good for you, i promise.

oh, and i've been eating a lot, random stuff, and high-cholesterol crap lately. no bueno.

got MIL part of her mother's day gift today. like this, except all red and gold only. so NMS, but it was the best one for her besides the rather masculine solids available at the store. yay for non-leaching, long-lasting, AND recyclable at the end of its life!


  1. Your mom will love it!

    If I were in school right now, I wonder what kind of student I'd be.

    Probably not very good. :P

  2. You are smart.

    Like the water bottle!

  3. I have no idea what to get MIL. First year as daughter is a lot of pressure.

  4. Perhaps we should re-think the idea of getting our moms just cards for mother's day . . . sigh.

    You are smart, Tater!

  5. oh, i have one of those bottles, too. mine is black with pink and white cherry blossoms. very girlie and i've already gotten compliments on it from a few ladies at the gym. the kicker -- i found it at REI. strange, right?

  6. I love that water bottle. It's a great gift.

    I need to learn how to work smart, too.

  7. I'm still brainstorming on mother's day gifts!

  8. crap, i just keep thinking of stuff I want for mother's day. i better start looking at ideas for our moms. oops. self-absorbed much? geez.

  9. I'm a shitty daughter. Mom gets nothing but a card from me. I guess I'm more of a broke daughter, but that's shitty too.


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