late on a friday night. . .

  • i'm sobering up. we hit up bevmo's 5 cent sale, and i picked out a kickass, so drinkable pinot noir with a screw top. yes, a screw top.
  • i can play the drums on rock band thanks to the bear calibrating them better.
  • i am contemplating how there is just so much good stuff out there to eat and how my tiny tater tummy (and grumpy pants) can only hold so much.
  • i am scared that the wildly different bear and i will grow apart throughout the years but somehow know deep down that we're right together and that it'll all work out somehow.
  • i am getting sucked into my blog reading despite resolving to go to bed an hour ago so i could wake up for an early morning beach run.
  • loving that we live so close to the beach.
  • my arm is aching from hand beating whipped cream. i think it took me 30 minutes. at least. i am still debating $50 hand mixer vs. $300-400 stand mixer.
  • the bear is bemoaning the use of "sammiches." "one extra letter! why can't you spell it right?! like i can understand if you say sammies, because it's so shortened, you know. it grinds my gears!!" [pounding fist on my desk. wtf, he has his own desk to pound on.]
  • it's bed time. for real this time.


  1. I hate it when people say "sammiches," too. And "prolly."

    Five cent sale at Bev Mo?! That's amazing!!

  2. I need to start running again.

  3. if i lived near the beach i would just lay in the sun and turn into a piece of leather. ;-) hope you get your run in today!

  4. You know if I hadn't moved, I would so be camping out at your place playing your video games everyday.

  5. I want to know which pinot is on the 5 cent sale!!!! :)

  6. I like "sammiches," especially "Bay Cities Sammiches."

  7. differences can be good. :)
    also, i wish i lived near a beach.

  8. I concur with the bear re "sammiches." Ugh. It hurt me to type that.

  9. I hate sammiches and sammies. I also don't like when grown people say pss-ghetti.

  10. i love the one deep thought in the middle of all that lunacy ;)

    and, you're a better woman than i am - HAND whipping cream. that's nutty.

  11. Hey.. I was there at BevMo and I also stocked up on some wine. I also picked up a Plum wine that I thought would be better, but it's not. I have to stop f-ing around and just go to Marukai.

    Oh... and hand whipping is SO MUCH EASIER with a power tool

  12. Differences can be good. As long as they aren't about fundamental life decisions.

    Hand mixers are WAY better. I know people like to think they aren't an actual chef/baker unless they have the stand, but I had both and I only use the hand one.

  13. Oh and "sammies?" Yuck. Reminds me of Rachel Ray. Not okay.

  14. stand mixer! stand mixer! stand mixer!

  15. I am hitting up that sale very soon to stock up for a bachelorette party. Weee!

    P.S. I am indifferent to the "sammich" and "sammie" controversy. ;)

    P.P.S. I fear and feel the same way about me and Hubbs. You are not alone.

    Great. Now that song is stuck in my head. :/

  16. I say "sammiches," but only to Roy.

    I am also scared of the same thing, RE: me and Roy.


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