more food

because food makes me happy.

on sunday night, i saw a bag of shredded cheese in the fridge that i knew we wouldn't eat before the mold took over. i always randomly remembered we had a box of knott's berry farm's biscuit mix, courtesy of a holiday gift basket the in-laws divvied up between us and them. i remembered a recipe i saw on a message board i frequent. so easy!

biscuit mix + water + double the shredded cheese the recipe calls for + butter/garlic salt/onion powder/dried tarragon (hey...i don't have dried parsley and was too lazy to go buy some just for this) =mmm...cheesy, buttery, carb-y goodness.

yesterday was our 6-monthiversary! whee! marriage is making us all re-sentimental or something...celebrating the 1 month and 6 month marks and all. the bear stayed home from bowling, had dinner hot and ready when i got home, and poured me a glass of wine as soon as i sat down. he sadly told me that he had wanted to get me a little something but didn't have a chance to. bad wifey potato got him nada anyway.

liar. fine, make bad wifey potato look even worse, and make her melt at the same time. after dinner, he pulled this out of hiding:

which opened to reveal these three yummies:

i am so sad we forgot to pull out a penny to show scale. these strawberries were definitely on 'roids or something. they were pretty freakin' delicious anyway. the dark chocolate were much better than the white chocolate/yogurty one.

oh, and kobe (as in the basketball player, not as in the steak) supposedly gets a dozen of these from wonderland bakery every valentine's day for the wife. this is according to the owner who hooked the bear up early. we're just baller like that. and yes, that website makes me wanna hurl. it's like lisa frank on crack + a sugar high. or is it acid? remember, i'm a square.
bear: wouldn't you rather have these than flowers?
potato: fuckyeah!

ok, so i didn't actually use the f-word, but this conveys the depth of emotion involved in my answer than the actual one did. oh, and mr. bear, i don't mind flowers, either, i just prefer tater treats. ;)

in other news, google translator is not so hot. instead, i just sent off four versions of thank you card wording to my mom so she can translate them using proper, non-3rd-grade-level grammar and spelling for me. finally, another wedding task done. 6 months after the wedding. not bad! too bad that list is still never. ending.

happy hump day! the week is half over. huzzah!


  1. What a sweet bear! Happy 6 monthihagversary!!!

  2. Those strawberries look AMAZING! Great job, Bear!

  3. happy 6 monthiversary! a+ for the bear - those sure are cute. i'd just want to look at them. heh ;)

    i've done those biscuits a few times and always end up eating way too many in one sitting. they're so. damn. good.

  4. ::drooling::

    happy 6 months tater! :)

    those biscuits look fabu.

  5. Happy 6th monthiversary!

    (I must be really sappy, because I've kept track of all of our monthiversaries since we've gotten married.)

  6. Happy 6 monthiversary! And damn, how sweet is your husband? You lucky girl. :)

  7. Whee! You finally finished!

    Your Bear is so sweet :)

  8. This post is making me hungry!

    Happy six montaversary!

  9. I'm totally late, but happy 6-monthiversary! It's the small moments and small anniversaries that make love wonderful!


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