Lazy renaissance man settles for dilettantism.

six-word memoirs at npr.com. one of my favorites is the subject line, as i have felt that way when i thought more [unjustifiably] highly of myself.
also reading about spam, weenie royale, + other, more important matters on the same site.
lots of good stuff, that npr.


  1. I have never browsed the NPR website, even though I listen on my commute all the time. I will have to check it out! The title of this blog convinced me. :)

  2. Oooh very cool. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Spam as in annoying emails in my inbox asking me if I want my erection to last longer? Or spam as in the tasty, gelatinous, canned staple found in any Korean's kitchen cupboard? I hope it's the latter.

    Now I want spam musubi. Mmmmm....

  4. i'd like to hear more about venn's erection, personally.

  5. Not a fan of either type of spam. Hmm...why do you suppose they named the annoying e-mails after the food?


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