i'm all about the short, pictureless posts today.

i just may need to subscribe.
how i found the site.
the site.
the la times distills the rameniac's top spots.
top ten from the source.

finally, thank you, google personalized front page, for feeding me the la times rss feed and bringing these ramen links to me at an appropriate time.

rameniac say, "For an Asian American, being a foodie on the Internet is kind of like being a rock star without having to be unemployed or doing a lot of drugs or disappointing your parents."


  1. This is why I had a craving for ramen recently.

    But I read the actual print version of the L.A. Times. It is...um...good "morning" reading, and I don't bring my computer to that particular room.

  2. i'm afraid to open the link for fear of the drool that will inevitably appear in buckets.

  3. hey, i read that article too. i now have to try that place in torrance next time i'm down there. anyone up for a field trip?

    [i hate admitting this, but i've only had real ramen once. so sad.]

  4. These places are a little too far for lazy me, so I'll have to settle for my Ichiban.

  5. yes, ramen is good on cold rainy days like today, but if you're asian its good all the time ha!

    i've tried both santouka and daikokuya...both are good, but again, its ramen!! =)

    hey amber, hit me up anytime when your in my hood =)

  6. P.S. I love, love, love Santouka. Amber, please call me if you're coming down to Torrance :)


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