mini update

i updated my blog roll over thurr --->
fyi, i use blogrolling to manage those link lists. i know blogger has a "links list" page element you can use, but every time i add a link to my blogrolling account, it automatically updates those lists. i can also keep all of my links + rolls in one spot.

and yes, i read all of those blogs almost every day. that's not even all of what i read as i have a few tv/entertainment, wedding planning, and wedding photographers' blogs that i am also subscribed to. yes, i am one word-hungry hungry caterpillar.

i took a nap yesterday at about 4 PM. i briefly woke up when the bear got home from work. then i woke up again when he came to bed. i finally actually got up at 9 AM this morning. yes, i love my sleep. alright, time to [finally] shower and change for my artist's date then get some meds for my sickypoo hubs. i'm off to OCMA to see this exhibit.


  1. I like sleep, too! In fact, I woke up at noon! :) Have fun at the exhibit! I'd love to hear a review!

  2. sleep is good.

    and so is reading blogs :)

  3. i too, love sleep. i've gone so far as to say it is one of my favorite things. jim finds this strange for some reason. heh.

    sounds like a fun afternoon :)

  4. Yay, I'm on the blogroll! I'd like to hear about the exhibit, unless it's already in one of your posts that I haven't read yet. I went to the Murakami exhibit yesterday. Loved it!

  5. Maybe I'll check out that blogrolling thing.


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