another one

cooking attempt interlude: salsa con queso con sour cream. some random mixture of shredded sharp cheddar and salsa, nuked, then some sour cream mixed in for good measure.

cooking [baking] attempt #5: somewhat successful apple pie
someone gave us the joy of cooking as a wedding gift, so i tried a new recipe out of there as my usual doesn't yield enough filling to sufficiently fill a 9-inch double crusted pie. the bear likes the old recipe better.
lots o' apples. peeling. for. ever.
as you can see, i am horrible at peeling and waste lots of good fruit while doing so.

i have issues with making my apples lay flat and cutting pretty vents. i also had issues crimping the crust together, as you can see. D- for presentation!!! whatever, it was edible.

cooking attempt #6: salmon + asparagus in parchment
we'll see as it's currently cooling so i can refrigerate these suckers. i substituted foil because parchment paper is a bit too foodie for this novice [my local ralph's didn't have any, and neither did the behemoth whole foods by work].

so what else is going on besides cooking in my life right now?
  1. eating. i need to upload my bistrotek/discotheque photos and review it. unless winnie gets to it first.
  2. thrilling stuff like tax junk that you really don't want to know about.
  3. coming home from work in a rather shitty mood due to certain performance expectations for this coming year at work. while talking through it and voicing my concerns, i felt OK. then as the day progressed and thoughts stewed in my head, i got more and more annoyed. i just pounded the specifics out right here and then proceeded to delete them. i'll reword in more professional, sane-sounding terms for when we re-visit this in a few days again.
  4. coming home to a bear hug, laundry started, and compliments on my food. aaaaaalll better.
  5. eating like a queen heifer for at least a week, plus the few meals i froze. whee!
  6. washing my new jeans that probably won't fit anymore due to the eating.
exciting, i know. aren't you oh-so-jealous???


  1. Crazy thing: I'm really quite good at making pretty pie vents. Not just plain diagonals either. I can do little flowers even.

  2. Hooray to you for cutting all those apples!

  3. I'm a horrible apple peeler too. (Tip: use a vegetable peeler. So much easier.)

    It's a good thing we still found men to marry us despite our low fruit cutting/peeling skills. Isn't it a pre-requisite to landing a husband in Korea? I think it comes right after kimchi making abilities and child-bearing potential.

  4. venn took the words right outta my mouth -- a veggie peeler is your friend ;)

    the pie looks pretty, really. and i bet it was tres tasty too! did you make the dough from scratch as well?

    that salmon recipe is one of our favorite meals. so darn tasty. i usually make it with parchment, but it makes the folding interesting....

  5. you need this thing to peel/core apples - it's ah-mazing!


    I'm sure it's cheaper elsewhere, but it's the first site that came up after a quick google search.

  6. I'm laughing so hard because I was thinking "veggie peeler" too - but I do have an apple corer/peeler especially for making apple pies.

  7. The pie looks great! Sorry about work. :/

  8. Salsa con queso equals yummy in my book any day.

  9. If it's edible then you're already a winner in the pie department.

    Sorry to hear about work and tax stuff. I feel your pain.

  10. [adding salmon recipe to favorites]

    thanks, yo!

  11. props to you on making a pie, PERIOD. i am pretty comfortable in the kitchen, except when it comes to baking. somehow everything i bake burns to a crisp...


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