random, late night thoughts

i need to get in bed, but i can't get up from my chair just quite yet.

this is how i went to the holiday party:
i finally just now removed that last bit of red. yeesh. i was too lazy to re-paint, though. and i'm too cheap to get a pedi now that the weather has turned quite chilly. thanks for the sweet comments in the last post. really, i wasn't fishing for them. i just like being my self-deprecating self here as in real life. i felt frazzled that night and thus definitely felt i looked frazzled. whee for pro photographers and the magic of caking on quite a bit of makeup!

even four months later, i still can't seem to get away from the red+aqua combo. le sigh. someone please de-obsess me.
this was a gift for e11even + her boyfriend from me + the bear. you can take a wild guess as to which one of us selected the card and did the "wrapping." and yes, i'm a lazy tater this year, so you may recognize that card as you may have been lucky enough to have received one from the lazy.

yesterday was nice. bear and i saw some snow, acquired some of these + major lactic acid build up in muscles i never knew existed,
took care of some work, saw the dog, napped, and then finally came home. we had a lot of fun making dinner together - thai red curry with chicken + mushrooms by the bear, bok choy + cremini mushrooms (hey, they're about to go bad and my shiitakes are dried and won't expire for while) in a bunch of random stuff (lots of garlic, maya onions about to go bad, chicken stock that's been out of the can and in the fridge for a few days already, some oyster sauce, etc.) by me.

whew. good thing the picture is blurry so you can't see the potato fuzz. gross, i know. i promise it's very fine and that i do de-fuzz during warmer months. i know you shave/wax/depilat-ate less often in the winter months, too. hmph.

the bear doesn't usually like melon. however, i have discovered how to make him eat it. wrap it in the salty, yummy goodness called prosciutto. yum-o. sorry, watched too much food network today while chopping up fruit for much longer than i thought it would take. am i all domestic or what?

good night, farewell...
[i'll let you finish that one.]


  1. It has been well over a year, and I still get giddy when I see "my" color combo.


  2. that's a crazy-ass bruise!

  3. Instead of shaving, I put on black tights during winter time :)

  4. auf wiedersehen, good bye!

    i dig your color combo, dude. i don't think it'll ever go out of style, so rock it with pride in everything possible!

  5. It's hard to move on from something as cute as aqua and red. And yes, I tend to be hairier in the cold months, BUT I swear it grows slower, no?

    BTW, cute haircut!

  6. Wow, that's a hell of a bruise. And no comment on the shaving. ;)


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