holiday party #2

sunday concluded my awesome weekend so wonderfully. not only did i shed about 10 pounds by chopping off my locks, i also spent most of the day with some of the most awesome women i know. i was going to write my own lovely recap, but weemo did it so beautifully here already. so click on over already. she's watching her site meter and waiting for you. ;)

as usual, the SFAM gabbed, laughed, ate, gave thoughtfully, received graciously, stole mercilessly, and ate some more in the jolliest party of them all.

and the quietest guest/co-hostess of all,
slept through the whole shebang!

p.s. one of my edible contributions to the shindig was oh-so-cute and oh-so-borrowed from jamie oliver via hostess with the mostess. that site and accompanying blog make me want to be a party hosting diva every weekend, if only it weren't so much work. i adjusted the recipe as we have a few non-drinkers, and i hate too sweet and/or too soggy fruit salads drenched in juice and sugar. i hollowed some oranges, i then lopped off a sliver of their bottoms so they wouldn't roll and stuck that extra piece on the inside bottom so the fruit wouldn't fall out, and finally i whole foods just chopped up some fruits that were mostly drained of juicy excess. i prefer my salads to have a variety of color, so i shopped and filled the cups with the word "festive" in mind. and yes, it took me a few minutes to figure out what "leaver" meant when first reading the recipe, too. those crazy english!

yoink! here's a pic of the above that i "borrowed" from weemo.


  1. I am obsessed with sitemeter. :)

  2. your recap sentence really made me smile :) and your fruit cups were the bomb-diggity! i'm so stealing that idea if i ever host a brunch -- just wanted to let you know ahead of time ;)

  3. I am perplexed by the photo??

  4. Yum :) My tummy thanks you and Whole Foods.

  5. the picture is COMEDY. seriously, that's awesome :)

    'twas so much fun, m'dear!


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