night owl

i am returning to my true nature. my nights have been getting later and later. too bad my work start time doesn't adjust accordingly. waking up at 5 am has been so painful that i instead wake up at 5:30 and rush through getting ready. makeup? if it goes on, it goes on in the first few seconds at my desk while my computer boots.

anyway, here is exhibit a, the negative effects of sleep deprivation on potato.
yes, i went to go see a client like this today. yes, my big toenails are only half covered in red polish. yes, if you look very closely i have a teeny tiny bit of red polish left on my right fourth and pinky toes. yes, i hate photos of feet taken from this angle, too. no, i did not remember the state of my toes when getting dressed this morning. dang bipolar weather. i thought i was safe to hide these in socks, boots, and other closed-toe shoes already.

someone once said, "sleep is for the weak." i am so very, very weak. i can admit it.

edited on 10/25 to add: that pedicure was had the day before my wedding. that was almost 3 months ago. :(. gross, i know.


  1. How about...no sleep is for the insane? ;)

    I almost always wear light pink or nude nail color for the very purpose of masking chips and peeling.

  2. this picture made me giggle. :)

    friday is almost here, hang in there!

  3. M'dear, I'm even weaker than you.

  4. I must have gotten dressed in the same fog you did. I wore the same jeans today as yesterday. :/

  5. i chuckled at your toes...i totally know how you feel about our bi-polar weather, this may be tmi, but i try to not shave my legs as often when it is fallish/winterish but i have been caught showing some legs and not realizing its all hairy ugh!!

  6. this picture is hilario - muahhhhhaaa!!!


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