because sometimes, adults married old hags need a little trick or treat, too.
[just a preview for now]

i think i need a clocky. too bad i'd probably chase him once, turn him off, then climb back in bed.

summary of my weekend so far:
  • cleaning
  • working
  • sleeping too late, waking up super early to drop bear's truck off at the shop, getting picked up by father-in-law to borrow his car we could run errands/study/work/eat, but taking a 2.5 hour nap instead.
  • yummy sticky rice, chicken, and fish courtesy of mother-in-law + her friend.
  • homegrown, yellow cherry tomatoes with a really nice taste that lingers long after you're done eating.
  • wet fries.
  • the post-wedding weight gain continues.


  1. Copycat.

    Oh wait, I copied you.

  2. Your treats were tricky and double sticky. ;) Loved them. :)

  3. LOVED your goodies!! Thanks again!

  4. Your goody bag and song dedication were just awesome...serious tears, you are too dang thoughtful.

  5. what awesome favors. Again, I shall never be as crafty as you. NFT.


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