Starting This Off On the Right Foot

The right foot being some tasty morsels I've been feasting on lately. These images are from a trip to Vanilla Bake Shop on my way home from work last night and brunch at Belmont Brewing Company last Sunday.

No, this is not a food blog. No, I am not a foodie although I'm quite the wanna-be. I just like to eat. Yes, the pants are feeling a lot more snug since the wedding.

Why am I here now? I'm wondering the same thing, as I've blogged on five other sites before this one. First one to find them all gets some stalkerazzi points. I keed. Please don't search. Let's just say one in particular ..:take[s] my breath away:.. so I'd be pretty embarrassed were it found.

I've got a pretty jam-packed weekend, so check out some of my daily reading while you wait on the edge of your seats for more tater talks.


  1. I look forward to tater talks!

  2. everything you have looks delish. Is it wrong that I want to lick the screen?

  3. Like the new site! That last dish looks pretty amazing...

  4. YAY!!! you're finally blogging somewhere that i can access at work. bless you m'dear. :)


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